The Push that I needed:

Mom looking gorgeous as always. Photo by Owie Dela Cruz

Where I got my grit: how mom was a fighter

Photo by Lorenzo Fattò Offidani on Unsplash

The love story everyone loves to hear

Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

The Push

Late 2008, about 2 years into my career as a flight attendant I was based in Clark and was away from mom. This meant that whenever I would go home to Manila, we both spent hours telling each other stories, and one particular time I was home I told mom of the opportunity I got to visit a flying school in Clark. I told her of how the Cessna aircrafts looked cool and everything I learned about pilot training during my visit to the school. Mom asked me how much the cost was and it was open knowledge between us that we financially could not afford the entire cost of flight training which was back then around 1.3+ million pesos. Then the moment came, mom paused and asked me “Do you want to fly? I know this has been your dream since you were a kid.” I thought mom was just building up a conversation so I obviously said yes, mom knew anyway the answer to that question. Then the push came, mom said “I have my last savings, 220,000 pesos. If you want to go for your dream, you can start with this, the rest is up to you”. Mom challenged me big time that day, I looked into her and I saw eyes that encouraged me, and so I took the challenge that day. Mom ended the conversation by throwing her trademark tagline “Kung Kaya ng iba, kaya mo rin!” translated in English meaning “If others can do it, so can you!”

Mom in the hospital but still looking beautiful. Photo by the author



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